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Compression Type Wave Washer, Carbon Steel, 3 Waves, Inch, 0.886" ID, 1.169" OD, 0.02" Thick, 1.181" Bearing OD, 1316lbs/in Spring Rate, 125.7lbs Load, (Pack of 10)

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Manufacturer Associated Spring Raymond
Brand Small Parts
Model W1169-020
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4 Jul 2017

Impact Vs. Regular Sockets

Impact sockets differ from regular sockets in a number of ways. They have a different appearance, but they can be used for a wide range of applications as compared to their standard counterparts.

11 Jul 2017

Thread Cutting Screws Ensure Secure Fastening

Thread cutting screws are categorized under the self-tapping category. This means that such screws have a self-drilling configuration. Some people refer to them as thread-forming screws too.

7 Jul 2017

Are You Choosing The Right Bolt Fasteners For Your Outdoor Furniture?

Fasteners are utilized for a wide array of products used on a regular basis in homes and industries. They might be used for basic screws holding the furniture together or for the bolts meant for use in extreme environments.

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